There has never been a better time to actively respond to the eTextbook trend by offering your students the ability to purchase eTextbooks in your store and via your Web site.

NBC Jumpbooks®, powered by CourseSmart™, allows college stores to offer digital textbooks on their shelves and through the store’s Web site. Through this unique program, college stores own both the customer and the transaction, with opportunities to receive commission based revenue even when purchases are made directly on Bookstores leveraging the solution also receive significant promotional support from CourseSmart through regular bookstore-focused communication sent to students, faculty and publisher representatives – highlighting the many reasons the student should choose the college store for all their course material needs. The NBC-CourseSmart relationship is an excellent way for college stores to establish themselves as the primary distributor of eTextbooks on a campus and provide students with this important new choice in conjunction with the other services a bookstore provides, such as accurate adopted title information and support for financial aid and scholarship transactions.

Jumpbooks Offers Many Advantages

  • Jumpbooks is the Premier Affiliate for the delivery of CourseSmart digital content in the college bookstore.
  • On campuses where the bookstore utilizes Jumpbooks as a distributor for CourseSmart eTextbooks, CourseSmart will promote that bookstore as a preferred distribution channel.
  • Bookstore retains ownership of both the customer and the transaction, with opportunities to receive commission based revenue even when purchases are made directly on
  • Works independently with any bookstore management system or integrates easily into your existing PRISM or WinPRISM POS system and your WebPRISM site.
  • Uses a single receipt for one or more eTextbook purchases — students do not need to keep track of multiple eTextbook codes or cards.
  • Automatically handles textbook returns through the single receipt method.
  • Has full color customizable, reusable hang tags that can be placed next to the physical book — no extra merchandise or eTextbook cards to stock.
  • Customized to your bookstore, reflecting your store’s brand online and on all Jumpbook-related material in your store.
  • With complete access to CourseSmart content, Jumpbooks supplies a growing inventory of nearly 18,000 mainstream college textbook titles.
  • Platform agnostic, Jumpbooks can support any digital course material content provider.
  • No monthly fee, guaranteed.

Give your students an additional choice the option to buy and access electronic textbooks. NBC Jumpbooks, powered by CourseSmart, is an easy-to-use, low-cost solution that can help you be more competitive and more responsive to the way students want their information today. For more information about NBC Jumpbooks and a system demo, contact us at 800.869.0366 or